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It has long been known that the
symptoms of kidney failure have four major causes; genes, lack of activity, bad nutrition and the impact of specific drugs. Although there is nothing that can be done about our genetic makeup, and damage that has been done by medications such as Motrin is irreversible, activity and nutrition can both be managed, and that is where Rachelle Gordon's Kidney Diet Secrets comes in.

After years of exposure to what has worked and has not worked for kidney patients who she has cared for, and after doing a great deal of research on her own, she has put together a comprehensive diet that is designed to delay or eliminate the need for dialysis and improve kidney function by controlling what is being eaten.

The research into nutrition's impact on kidney disease has been around for a long time; nephrologists have been making adjustments to their patients' protein levels that impacted their diabetes, their anemia, cramps and muscle aches and many other symptoms. Gordon's synthesis of advice regarding protein, potassium, sodium, and calcium has created an easy to follow methodology for people with all levels of kidney disease to improve their quality of life.


In providing valuable information about diet, the
Kidney Diet Secrets program outlines a three step process that is easy to follow and provides immediate benefit. It also provides a list of common household items that need to be removed and habits that the person with symptoms of kidney failure may not be aware are making their condition worse.

The program is available as a downloadable book for just $47, and includes bonus recipes for kidney disease sufferers, an ebook on holistic wellness, and lifetime updates as the program's research provides more valuable information.

The program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, but based on testimonials from customers, the successful reduction of blood markers for kidney disease makes it seem unlikely that anybody would be dissatisfied.

Kidney Diet Secrets Review

For people who suffer from kidney disease, life can be very frightening. Whether your condition involves kidney stones, chronic kidney disease, high blood pressure from renal problems or another form of this illness, the future feels very bleak, while your present is filled with doctors visits, medication, and quite possibly dialysis.

The good news is that there are ways for you to take more control of your situation, and one of the newest and most exciting is a holistic, natural diet approach called Kidney Diet Secrets. Written by a registered nurse with several years of experience working with kidney patients, this common sense diet is designed to help you manage your kidney disease symptoms through diet and adjusting bad habits, and thus regaining control of your life.

Rachelle Gordon


Rachelle Gordon is a veteran nurse, medical researcher, author, and health consultant. She has worked in acute hospital settings for the past ten years, many of whom were kidney patients. During this time she has learned a great deal about the causes of kidney pain; in her frustration with her patients' illness, she devoted herself to learning more about the disease, particularly about diet secrets that help patients eliminate pain, reduce the need for medication and expensive doctor visits and avoid dialysis. She has put what she's learned together into a program she's called Kidney Diet Secrets, and she has made it available to the public so that she can help many more kidney patients find relief.

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Kidney Diet Secrets Review